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Founder of WOLFF.

After years working in fashion, from shops to showrooms and studios; from ateliers to factories, I created WOLFF. as a meeting point.


It’s an invitation for new and established brands to get support and advice on their product creation and development. Today more than ever we need to create and manufacture in a sensible way. Our choices of style, material, manufacturing processes and image are crucial and are merging with the impact of a beautiful design. Beautiful and good should not anymore be considered apart. Along with an eco system of suppliers and manufacturers all around the Mediterranean sea we support you in the creation of a product that will be just right.


It’s an invitation for craftsmen & women and manufacturers that taught me the most in the last 10 years. Their know-how makes creation possible and has always been acquired over many years and often many generations. Their hands, skills and voices tell amazing stories. It’s with their knowledge that we can improve. I seek their techniques and believe they should be part of the story a product tells in all segments of the market.


It’s an invitation to all to discover and acquire creations that are routed in know-how and intentioned to meet needs, desires and compose a lifestyle in harmony with the world we live in.


We are happy to hear from you.


WOLFF. Design and Development
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