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WOLFF. for Balt

Lara Salle de Chou and Thibault Levi Martin contacted me late 2019 telling me they had a project to make the most comfortable sneaker in the world. Hey hey challenge ! And they wanted it to be as versatile and sustainable as possible. As for all creative projects especially involving innovation and manufacturing, you need patience to look for solutions and better the idea and the project step by step. I must say that it has been a true pleasure to work with the Balt team because of their adaptability and intelligence. I think we managed, alongside a great factory near Porto and suppliers in Europe helping us to find the best sustainable materials to create a great product. They sold 336 pairs of sneakers at the launch of the brand. BRAVO!

Discover Balt’s Knit restart sneaker below.

WOLFF. for Balt
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