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WOLFF. supports you in the elaboration of your collection and in your designs.

In the last 7 years I specialised in shoes and accessories for men and women for all segments of the market – from luxury to creative brands, to high street fashion, with the goal to create beautiful products adapted to the current and future times. I dig into the streets, into architecture, creations of all sorts, into moods coming from the web and from travelling to create the most relevant designs that will be at core of a brands identity, as much in “l’air du temps” as timeless.

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I’m specialised in the sourcing for footwear and clothing of textile, new tanning processes of leather and upcycled materials and always in the process of research and meeting the suppliers. Material is at the center of my work as inspiration and as a solution to create better products. 


I work with a network of factories, artisans and makers around Europe. Together we bring our and your designs to life, by supervising all steps of pattern making and prototyping, all the way to production.

Styling & Showcase

With the desire to showcase custom & in-house pieces in their complete lifestyle intention, I work with photographers, prop stylists and graphic designers on the creation of photos, visuals and dedicated spaces.

WOLFF. Styling and Set up

Limited Editions

Following a rhythm of inspiration and encounters we present limited editions that reflect our values:

durable, sensible, inclusive, adapted.

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